a centenary
of Learning

  • 107
  • by Ben Seema
  • graduated
  • studied MSc in Education, Technology & Society (ETS)
  • from Botswana

We have computers but, when we put them in the classroom, will they actually improve learning?

By profession I’m a teacher trainer. My role is to simply show teachers how we can improve their lessons through the use of technology. I’ve always thought ‘what if I venture into academia’? I then decided I had to go and do a Master’s. That’s what prompted me to apply to the college at Tralee in the first place. With Bristol, I sent messages around to my friend and colleagues. Once I got offered an opportunity to go and study further I sent them emails to say ‘I need schools, help me out’ and one of my friends studying in the UK gave me a link to Bristol. I saw the course, I fell in love with it and then I came to Bristol.

We see cell phones out there, we see the internet, but how do they influence society? If you take a deeper look into how we relate with ICT, you get to see the reality of things and you can appreciate and embrace ICT much better.

I have learnt so many things. Firstly, like I said, I was teaching teachers how to involve ICT in their day-to-day teaching. But I was doing it from an experimental way of teaching. I did it so I thought I could have an impact. Maybe it is worth mentioning that we are the first group to truly be sent out to go and do this kind of course

We have computers but, when we put them in the classroom, will they actually improve learning? No. Will they improve teaching? No. Unless we actually exploit the possibilities that they have – how you can actually get them to help you as a teacher to disseminate information and how you can use them to help students learn on their own.

The reception that we actually got at Bristol, the assistance we got from the lecturers and the atmosphere, have been quite wonderful. I’m doing my last unit as we speak and my dissertation is just about to get into the swing of things. The assistance that I get is so overwhelming. I believe that the overall outcome of this place is a much much more informed individual.