a centenary
of Learning

  • 8
  • by Parveena Khanijou
  • graduated 2013
  • studied MSc in Science and Education
  • from Thailand

The University of Bristol is a world-renowned university with exceptional support for international students.

I completed my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biological Sciences (Biomedical Sciences concentration) before I did my PGCE in teaching and a Master’s of Science degree in Science and Education.

My decision to pursue a Master’s Degree in the field of education involved more than just advancing my career opportunities and enhancing my academic abilities. More importantly, a Master’s degree allowed me to grow to my fullest potential by providing me with a profound understanding of science education as well as equipping me with essential knowledge and skills for research in academia.

My academic objective has always been focussed on attending a well-accredited university with programmes that offer research opportunities in science education. The main reason for undertaking the course in the UK was to give me, as a Thai student, an avenue for personal growth. Specifically, I feel the excellent research facilities and distinguished faculty members of the University of Bristol (UoB) offer an intellectually stimulating and culturally diverse atmosphere, which directly complemented my academic background and objectives. Consequently, I believe that studying at the UoB has provided me with an increased appreciation for cultural diversity, exposure to professional expertise, and global perspectives on issues in the field of science education.

The main reason for choosing to study the course in the UK is because it is noted for producing qualified teachers proficient in using strategic skills for scientific research and development. For postgraduate study, Bristol provides great opportunities for research because the university focuses on a wide range of subjects. Students are thus able to incorporate their work into any field related to their interests. The University of Bristol is a world-renowned university with exceptional support for international students. My course, in particular, appealed to me because it integrates useful and interesting science concepts as well as teaching pedagogy.

Studying at Bristol has provided me with an increased capacity to make better decisions concerning my interests. In terms of influencing my career, the approaches and strategies that I have acquired through the course have definitely helped shape my future professional plans. Becoming a superior science teacher was my initial career goal and I am now a science teacher at Rasami British International School in Bangkok. However, with increased exposure to different areas of science, I am, now, also very keen on pursuing research whilst practicing as a teacher.