a centenary
of Learning

  • 89
  • by Ines Castro & Marcella Caquisane
  • graduated
  • studied MSc in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
  • from Chile

I will have tools to help the students understand the relationship they have with the English language and their own identities.

Ines: At the University where I work it was a requirement to have a Master’s degree so I thought it would be good if I have my Master’s degree but abroad. So that’s why I wanted to come here, but also because of my own interests. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to have some more knowledge to improve my teaching practise.

Marcella: I wanted to have a Master’s because I wanted to know more about my profession and also to improve my teaching experience and also to give that knowledge and experience from here to the students I’m working with.

Ines: My life here is so different to the one I have in Chile because usually I work all the time in Chile but here I am a student so I am really enjoying that: being a student and also learning more.

Marcella: I am enjoying the course itself, the classes, the class mates, meeting new people and the culture here and practising the English language. Also, I am enjoying life here because I have got my three children with me. They have integrated very well into the community in their schools and they are happy and that is the most important thing for me.

Ines: Professionally speaking I am sure I have improved and I will be a better teacher in Chile. I want to help my students, to help them understand how English works and how to learn English. Personally speaking it will definitely influence my life and my family life because I am also with my husband and my six year old daughter.

Marcella: I will have tools, for example, to understand the relationship the students have with the English language and their own identities. Also to see how their perspective is very different from students in other countries because of their identity and the history of Chile.

Ines: When I look back at Chile I was probably too strict and now it is not that I’m saying I’m not going to demand or expect so many things from my students, but I will probably be more understanding and supportive.

Marcella: I am going to be knowledgeable and I am going to have better tools to face my students and also to help and be a contribution to my country when I go back.