a centenary
of Learning

  • 32
  • by Constance Nyamikola
  • graduated
  • studied MEd in Educational Leadership, Policy and Development
  • from Uganda

I shall use the knowledge that I’ve got here to change the lives of other people.

Before I came to Bristol I was a Deputy Head teacher. I have been a Deputy Head teacher for six years but in the school where I have been working I worked there for twelve years.

Before that there was a link that was going on between my school and one of the schools in Bristol and I had an opportunity to visit Bristol. Twice, in 2010, I visited Bristol in 2011 and I just loved the city and I also loved the University in that time. I had a tour round so I saw the University, I was impressed with the University and I started to find out how I could join this University and also I had to a bit of research about the University. I noticed that Bristol was one of the highest ranked universities in Britain and basically in the world.

The course really covers a lot of current issues and deals with development and that makes me very impressed because I look at issues globally. There are a lot of comparisons here and there and I get to know what is happening in different corners of the world. So that has really made me very impressed with the course. Also, meeting people from different cultural settings, like I have met students from China, students from Japan, students from different countries so that has really made me widen a little bit of my scope. That makes me feel so excited.

The kind of training that I have got here - I will have to go back home and share it with other students and I will also use this to be as an example in the community. In Uganda, well there has been teaching going on but not really as interactive as what I have seen here. Because in this place I have seen one to one support which initially I had not been exposed to. I feel like handling a whole class, I noticed in the time I’ve been here that handling a whole class sometimes may not really help the needy ones a lot. So I feel maybe when I get back home I need to sit with the teachers and introduce that kind of one to one assistance that will really bring up the children. When I leave this place I should use the knowledge that I’ve got here to change the lives of other people because I have learned a lot from this place.