a centenary
of Learning

  • 95
  • by Leanne Gallagher
  • graduated
  • studied PGCE Citizenship
  • from UK

I came to this not knowing what to expect, but it’s like having a little family you can rely on.

Before I moved down to Bristol, a couple of years ago, I used to be a solicitor of practise. I decided to leave practise and start exploring other avenues around what I could do with my background and maybe take it in a different direction through my career. I did a lot of little placements working with schools and that was something I really enjoyed. Because of the nature of the role that I did on tax law I did some training sessions and it was that educational side that I really enjoyed. So that was what really led me to look into teaching. Having a had a bit of experience it was just something that I instantly fell in love with. Then it was the case for finding the course that would fit for me for where I wanted to go in the future and that lead me down to Bristol.

It’s such a lively city and it’s just brilliant. It is quite easy to get to a lot of places that I’ve never really explored in the South as well. So if you want to pop across to Wales or down to Cornwall, it’s quite accessible.

There is so much practical experience, I think it is about sixty percent that you spend within schools. We have two placements, but in my second placement I have had actually had experience over two places; a school and a college. So for me that has absolutely been fantastic experience for where I am going in the future because I’ve got a job from September teaching in a Sixth form college. So for me that’s been great as I’ve had that extra experience. It was so nice that I was put in a placement where there were quite a few PGCE students and we could support each other and feed off each other and ask for advice. I came to this not knowing what to expect but it is like you have a little family or friendship groups that you can really rely on and that has really helped through the course as well.