a centenary
of Learning

  • 46
  • by Yu-Fang Yang
  • graduated 2011
  • studied MEd in Counselling in Education
  • from China, France

Bristol is a city in which you can totally immerse yourself in a profound academic environment.

I obtained my Bachelor degree in Mass Communication from the Chinese Culture University, Taiwan, in 2008. During my bachelor study, I became curious about the power of communication. This interest continued when I worked as a private teacher. It struck me that human behaviour and thinking are affected in incredibly different ways, in short spaces of time, through nonverbal encouragement or disagreement. Therefore, I decided I would like to explore this area through a more systematic methodology using well structured theories.

I was fortunate in gaining an international grant to support my study abroad. This encouraged me to recognise my ability to pursue academic study. In applying to different universities, I discovered that the University of Bristol has prolific resources and a good reputation. For me, Bristol is an energetic and vibrant city. It is a city in which you can totally immerse yourself in a profound academic environment. At the same time, you can surprise yourself by attending various wonderful events.

My tutor and teacher, Helen Knowler, was patience and helpful when I queried topics which I was not totally confident about. She always replied to my questions with useful information and suggestions. Her guidance and encouragement have led me to where I am now.

Studying at the University of Bristol has given me a firm belief in, and a strong capacity to, pursue further academic research in the future. I am currently on an internship placement at the Pierre Mend├Ęs-France University and am planning to start work on my PhD.